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From time to time we acquire collections which contain items which do not fit into our mainstream stock. These items are listed in our Other British Commonwealth and World lists which attract a permanent discount of 20%.

In addition, we offer discounts on select items which we have acquired cheaper than usual or are excess to our normal stock requirements which allow us to pass on significant benefits to you. Click below to see the current items on offer. 

These lists have no expiry date and all items are available until sold.

These lists are always fully up to date.

Specials 1 [Australian pre-decimal sheets; Australian special cancels; scarcer European M/S; GB PHQ cards; foreign postcards]

Specials 2 [Australian pre-decimal sheets; scarcer European M/S; foreign postcards & covers]

Specials 3 [GB gutter pairs; scarcer European M/S; Australian FDCs with special cancels; foreign postcards & maximum cards; foreign FDCs; Australian pre-decimal sheets]

Specials 4 [Australian FDCs, postcards, stamps; foreign maximum cards, postcards and aerogrammes]

Specials 5 [Australian Box-link stamps & FDCs; space stamps]

Specials 6 [Australia KGV plate varieties (used); foreign stamps, postcards, covers and FDCs, Rupert Bear FDC] 

Specials 7 [Scarcer Australian FDCs; Australian Framas with cylinder joins; foreign FDCs, covers & M/S; NZ stamps]

Specials 8 [Australian miscut booklet; Jersey M/S; GB retail sample booklets; Europa stamps & FDCs; Iceland year packs; Australia 3d airmail plate/blocks 4]

Specials 9 [Guernsey & Isle of Man folders; Aland, Denmark & Faroe Island Year packs; Europa FDCs; UN (NY) collection; Faroe Island year sets]

Specials 10 [Australia coil starter; Australian pre-decimal blocks 4; Australian & foreign sheets, sheetlets, booklet panes, M/S]

Specials 11 [GB exhibition souvenirs, Australia plate blocks; Canberra booklet; PNG booklet; New Guinea stamps; Papua stamps; Cocos Is ships blocks 4; Australian gutters; Australian pre-decimals]

Specials 12 [Russian (USSR) M/S, sheetlets; GB 10 pounds Britannia in blocks 4; Hawid strips; Australian FU decimal M/S; Australian Lighthouse hingeless albums]

Specials 13 [Australia FU M/S, sheetlets; Guernsey M/S, sheetlets; GB FDCs including PNC, Machin PSB panes, M/S, regionals, castles; foreign stamps & postcards; Canadian postal stationery; foreign stamps]

Specials 14 [Australian PNC; Israel FDCs; foreign stamps & M/S; PNG covers]

Specials 15 [IOM M/S; Australian cinderellas - conservation stamps & M/S; Australia JOK limited edition souvenir sheet; foreign FDCs; Australian Lions Christmas Seals sheetlets; foreign postcards & maximum cards]

Specials 16 [GB & IOM M/S; East Timor 1st stamp issue; USA mint collections; Australia M/S; Australia cinderellas; foreign stamps & postcards; GB & regionals plate/cylinder varieties; GB & regionals used Machins]

Specials 17 [Australia cinderellas - Kakadu, wetlands conservation, koala research sheetlets & covers]

Specials 18 [France paintings, collections, blocks 4; Australian sheetlets (including Mickey Mouse); foreign postcards, postal stationery & stamps]

Specials 19 [GB, British Commonwealth & foreign postcards, sheetlets, exhibition souvenirs, postal stationery]

Specials 20 [Australian pre-decimal stamps (including coil pairs & blocks 4), plate varieties, blocks 4]

Specials 21 [Australian colonies - stamps & covers; Australia pre-decimals; Australia pre-decimal sheets; Australia FDCs, PSEs with special cancels]

Specials 22 Egypt stamp misperforation; Israel collection with tabs; foreign covers & cards; Australian coins & bank notes; Australian cinderellas (RFDS)]

Specials 23 [Australian decimal FDCs]

Specials 24 [Foreign FDCs (including Austria, China, Russia (USSR) & Ryukyu Islands)]

Specials 25 [Australian, GB, British Commonwealth & foreign FDCs]

Specials 26 [Foreign stamps, FDCs, PSEs, postcards etc (including Austria, Europa, France & Spain)]

Specials 27 [Australian cinderellas, GB, British Commonwealth stamps & FDCs]

Specials 28 [Australia postcards, decimal & pre-decimal stamps & FDCs including scarcer covers, Faroe Island sheets, Saar blocks 4 MUH, PNG MUH & FDCs, and scarce WW2 Poland local Red Cross M/S. ]

Specials 29 [British Commonwealth and European commemorative & First Day covers.]

Specials 30 [Australian directional cachet covers; European post cards & covers; Syrian airmail overprint cover.]

Specials 31 [West Germany and West Berlin definitive sets CTO FDI, olympic souvenirs + 1 postal stationery item.]

Specials 32 [Latvian FDI and special cancel covers, GB exhibition souvenir sheetlets and 2 Australian telephone cards.]

Specials 33 [Contains 1 item only -- the 2013 issue of the Michel Europa-CEPT catalogue at wholesale price.]

Specials 34 [Foreign stamps & covers from Europe, Pacifics, North & South America.]

Specials 35 [GB & Channel Islands - black prints, emergency mail, exhibition covers, postal stationery etc]

Specials 36 [Collections]

Specials 37 [Germany -- East, West, Bund, Berlin, Saar, Occupations -- covers, cards and other collectibles] 

Specials 38 [Australia predecimal, Great Britain, World Covers & cards]

Specials 39 [European covers and postcards with special or slogan cancels.  Mainly from Switzerland]

Specials 40 [Germany -- West Berlin] 

Specials 41 [Germany -- East Germany [DDR] + Allied Occupations: Soviet Zone]

Specials 42 [Germany -- Bavaria, Third Reich, Weimar Republic]

Specials 43 [Germany -- Allied Occupation: Russian Zone & French Zone; Bavaria; Third Reich; Weimar Republic]

Specials 44 [Germany -- East Germany; German Occupations 1939-45; Local Issues] 

Specials 45 [Germany -- Allied Occupation 1945+;  Russian Zone Local Issues]

Specials 46 [Germany -- German Occupations 1939-45]

Specials 47 [Germany -- German Occupations 1939-45 including Local Issues; German Field Post;  German Territories]

Specials 48 [Germany -- German Local Issues from 1945;  War Propaganda Issues;  Third Reich; Stationery]

Specials 49 [Germany -- Empire;  Issues used in Danzig; Miscellaneous]

Specials 50 [Portugal, Azores & Madeira]

Specials 51 [Portugal, Azores & Madeira]

Specials 52 [Belgium - souvenirs, exhibitions, cinderellas]