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We acquire MUH stamps and booklets of the following countries as new issues on an issue by issue basis:

  • France
  • Great Britain (including Regionals)
  • Canada (stamps/sheetlets ex quarterly packs only - not booklets)

We offer a very competitive New Issue Service. Click on New Issue Service Terms for details on joining our service. Then you can join our new issue service by advising us of your requirements by mail or e-mail.

Click below to view details of the issues for the relevant half year.  Prices for the various items can be found in the respective country price lists.

Because of the increasing graphics load in our spreadsheets, we have decided to split each year into two halves.  Remember that each half year includes the issues received in that half, so that stamps issued in the first half of the year may appear in the second file.  Similarly stamps issued in the second half of the year may be listed in the first half of the subsequent year.