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Collectors may find the following links to other philatelic web sites useful.

Australian Stamp Magazines

Australian Stamps Professional

Stamp News Australasia

These are the two mainstream philatelic magazines for Australia.  Each publishes 10 - 11 issues per year and contain a wealth of philatelic information from around the world, including detailed information on Australian new issues.  We are continuous advertisers in each magazine.  Both are highly recommended.

Great Britain

Deegam Publications

Douglas Myall was the originator and author of The Complete Deegam Machin Handbook and a prolific publisher on Machins in a number of well respected magazines including the British Philatelic Bulletin.  Since his death, editorial responsibility for the Handbook has been taken over by Hanns Fasching in Austria.

The Handbook is available by subscription via web site download and contains a wealth of information about all aspects of Machin stamp design and production as well as many 'extras'.  It is supplemented approximately every two months by the well known Deegam Report so that collectors are always fully informed of recent Machin issuances & finds.  Subscriptions can be renewed for a modest charge at any time to provide the user with a fully up-to-date catalogue.  Use of the digital Handbook is effortless and intuitive due to the comprehensive number of internal links between sections.  It also contains a detailed tutorial on it use.

Subsequent to the death of Queen Elizabeth II and Royal Mail's decision to replace the Machin definitive, Hanns has advised that the Handbook will be continued into the reign of King Charles III.   

Great Britain Collectors Club

The principal publication of the GBCC is The Chronicle, the Club's quarterly magazine which covers all aspects of British philately.  It also has a strong focus on cancellations and handstamps, a subject not covered by other clubs. It is North American based.

Machin Collectors Club

The MCC has two principal publications edited by Melvyn Philpott -- the New Stoneham Great Britain Stamp Catalogue which provides comprehensive coverage of GB's stamp and booklet issues at a level for the intermediate collector; and the Queen Elizabeth II Specialised Definitives Stamp Catalogue (in 2 Volumes) which covers the Wilding, Machin and other high value definitive issues of the QEII era (stamps, booklets, stationery) at a specialised level.

Annual MCC membership fees are modest for which members receive a monthly newsletter covering stamp issues of the UK but with a detailed focus on Machin issues.

Modern British Philatelic Circle

The Circle was created in late 2005 by the merger of the British Decimal Stamp Study Circle [BDSSC] and The GB Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle [GB DSB SC].  It is a specialised study group whose focus is on all aspects of modern [QEII] British philately.

Its major publications include 'The Bookmark' Catalogue of British Decimal Postage Stamp Books and its more recent 'The Bookmark' Catalogue -- Self-Adhesive Stamp Books.

Annual membership fees of the Circle are modest for which all members receive 5 editions of The Bookmark Journal, and 4 copies of the Deegam Report keeping them abreast of all new GB issues. 

The Connoisseur Catalogue

The hard cover version of The Connoisseur Catalogue of Machin Stamps and Decimal Definitives was last published in 1995 and was complemented by  a 1993-2000 Supplement and biannual issues of initially Variety Club News and currently Variety Club News Xtra.

Edited by James Skinner of B Alan Ltd, the hard cover catalogue is to be replaced, in stages, by a web-based version.  James has been a continuous contributor to The Philatelic Exporter and other respected philatelic publications.

Canada and Great Britain

Adminware Corporation / Philatelic

Authored by Robin Harris, the editor of the Unitrade Specialized Catalogue of Canadian Stamps, this web site contains, inter alia, specialised details of recent Canadian stamp issues and a comprehensive section on Machins.  Since Robin's appointment as editor, Unitrade has made significant strides in listings and numbering, varieties, explanations and illustrations making it one of the most detailed specialist catalogues available.