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stamps & philatelic collectiblesIMPORTANT NOTICES [REVISED]:

1.  Our telephone and internet service has finally been successfully transitioned to the NBN after our trying to do so with Telstra for four months beginning mid October 2020. Thanks go to Peter Dutton's (our local Federal MP) electoral office staff for facilitating this.

2.  In line with COVID-19 best practice, we intend to remain at home as much as possible until an effective vaccine is delivered.  That seems to be getting close.  Consequently we will be clearing the mail box and posting any outward mail on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.  This means that customers can expect turnaround delays until the COVID-19 pandemic abates.

     To ensure you meet the posting days, please submit your orders as early as possible prior to each day.  If posting your order to us, please note that Australia Post has suspended Priority Post, allocating resources to parcels and letting letters languish.  They have also rescheduled letter deliveries to every other day.

    Otherwise, it is business as usual for us.  Stay safe and scrupulously follow the governments' health policies.

3.  We have decommissioned our fax machine which will not operate under the NBN.  Our new telephone has an inbuilt answering facility, so you can leave a message if the office is unattended.  With transition to the NBN, this feature is currently not working properly.  You may have to persist until you reach us.

4.  We have just moved to a new merchant credit card processing facility which requires your CVV security code (on the reverse of the card).  We can not process your credit card without it.  Also, a reminder that we can accept Visa & Mastercard only.

5.  We have changed banks to the CBA and thus have a new BSB & account number.  Please see our Terms and Conditions of Sale [second button down, on the left] for new bank details. Our account with the ANZ is now closed so please ensure funds are deposited to the new account.

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Search for mint and used stamps or philatelic items you need for your collection from our price lists on this site. Our lists cover most countries, with concentration in:

  • Great Britain & Islands; Ireland
  • Eastern & Western Europe & the Mediterranean
  • Scandinavia
  • Canada, USA & the UN
  • The Middle East
  • South Africa & Homeland States
  • Australia & Territories
  • New Zealand, Pacifics, Japan.

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We also offer a New Issue Service for Canada, France & the UK.

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Happy hunting and enjoy!

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