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Telephone  Telephone

We have a dual phone / fax machine.

Our telephone number (which is unlisted) is:
        International:  61-7-3851-2398
        Domestic:  07-3851-2398

Whilst our business is primarily mail order, we are usually contactable by phone from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, Australian Eastern STANDARD Time.

Write to us

Mail to  Postal Address

mail order imageKindly address orders and enquiries to:

        Sutherland Philatelics
        PO Box 448
        Ferny Hills D C
        Qld 4055

We clear this box each weekday.

Fax to  Facsimile

Our fax number is:
        International:  61-7-3851-2398
        Domestic:  07-3851-2398

To send a fax, dial the number and hit your transmit button immediately.  Do not listen for our phone to ring as it will respond as if it were a voice call and you will be unable to send your fax without redialing.

E-mail to  E-mail Address

You can reach us by e-mail. We answer e-mails from collectors and genuine enquirers within twenty-four hours of receipt. Click to send us an e-mail.

A.B.N.: 69 768 764 240

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