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Sutherland Philatelics is a family partnership operating a retail mail order philatelic service. We have been in business since 1980, and have advertised continuously in Stamp News Australasia, Australian Stamps Professional, Australian Stamp Monthly, and Australasian Stamps This is Denese (whilst the latter two existed) since inception. The partners are Denese (right) and Barry (below) who have more than 100 years combined philatelic knowledge.

We specialise in mainly MUH stamps of the United Kingdom (Great Britain, Regionals, Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, Isle of Man) and Ireland, Canada (including Newfoundland), Eastern & Western Europe, the Mediterranean, Scandinavia, Japan, United Nations and New Zealand. Earlier issues of these countries (pre 1950) are usually Fine Mint. We also hold fine used / used stocks. The only accessories we sell are top quality second hand albums and catalogues.

Secondary stamp stocks comprise Australia and Territories, and the Pacifics - mainly MUH, with some used and FDCs. We ceased acquiring new issue stocks of the Territories and Pacifics in 1986 and Australia in early 1996 in order to develop our European & Scandinavian stocks. We have good stocks of Australian FDCs and Special Cancels and Territory FDCs to those dates. However, we do hold some items subsequent to these years from collections we have purchased.

This is Barry We buy large collections and surpluses from collectors and in auction, break them up and sell sets individually. We continue to obtain MUH stamps and booklet new issues from a select list of countries (see New Issue Service). Our price lists (see Schedule of Price Lists) are comprehensive with detailed descriptions and usually cross-referenced to at least two major catalogues.

We use a wide range of specialised and simplified reference catalogues, including Stanley Gibbons, Michel & Scott. Other references include Sakura, Maury, Yvert & Tellier, Facit, Unificato, Edifil, Campbell Paterson, Deegam, Connoisseur, Bookmark, Machin Collectors Club, Stoneham, Bale and many others. Our philatelic memberships include the Modern British Philatelic Circle and the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association.

We believe our empathy with our customers is exemplified by this quote: "Quality of life? It's peace of mind, based on a home, a stamp collection and an understanding wife (partner/husband)".
Adapted from a quote attributed to Sir Henry Bolte.

Our passion in philately is with stamp designs from all periods and continues to this day. You may recognise the Canada $8 Grizzly bear stamp in the background of this web site, which narrowly nudged out Great Britain's 10 Britannia. But probably our favourite design in recent times is Sweden's Czeslaw Slania's 1,000th postage stamp. It is exquisite.

Similarly, we observe with deep interest the continual innovation in design, production and distribution of postage stamps, posing new challenges all the time for collectors. Barry has written in Stamp News Australasia on self-adhesive stamps, Elliott on security duty and would appreciate hearing from others on this vexing subject.

Why the cats at the top of this section? Existing customers will recognise the influence of Elliott, our dearly loved 'senior' cat, who specialised in looking out for worker comforts. Very sadly, Elliott died on 3.9.09 just 3 weeks short of his 20th birthday. He will be missed immensely being an integral part of our daily lives for nearly two decades.

This is MaxElliott's responsibilities were assumed by Max (aka Maximus, El Supremo), an eighteen year old Elliott "cousin".  Max had systematically trained us to his ways of doing things -- the joy of being owned by a cat.  Sadly, Max died on 24.6.23 leaving both of us traumatised and heart broken.




This is Foxy & Phoenix Much to Barry's delight, Denese has agreed to a further family addition in the form of Phoenix & Foxy -- two 6 year old rescue cat brothers -- the ginger Ninjas. Like Max, they are already asserting their preferences on the way we are to do things.


Phoenix at the back; Foxy at the front.

We appreciate the time you have spent with us, thank you, and we look forward to your writing soon.

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