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The purpose of these pages is to advise customers of recent (& prospective) changes to Price Lists on this web site.

All of our Price Lists remain current irrespective of any embedded dates.

There is a powerful Google search engine on the Home Page which will search the whole web site, including all price lists.

In addition, Adobe Reader also has a powerful "find" facility to search an open individual price list.

Price Lists are updated periodically when necessary when we add substantial new stock or sell existing stock.  Some lists will be updated regularly (every 6 months or so) whilst others, where we are acquiring no new stock, will be updated infrequently (every 2 years or so).  We do not update lists for every single transaction so there may be occasional minor stock-outs.

This page will list the most significant changes which have been made to our price lists published on this site in the last 2 years.  Minor changes are not notified.


YUGOSLAVIA:  SUCCESSOR STATES:   Our Price List has been expanded and much new material from many of the new independent states added, including material from these states pre the creation of Yugoslavia.  Click Yugoslavia: Successor States for our price list

Fighting in the Balkans over an extended period of time has seen some States disappear only to remerge decades later, then join with other States to form a new alliance.  This makes it difficult to locate specific stamp issues as they could be in one of several list locations.

To assist colelctors locate specific issues, we have divided our Price List Schedule into two sections, the second section identifying list locations.  We will add to this list on a needs basis in the future.

The French Colonies provide another similar maze and the location of specific colonies is identified at the beginning of our French Colonies Price List.  [9.7.17]

ALBUMS:   3 albums for Vatican City from Papal States to year 2000 in excellent condition.  2 albums contain MUH remainder collections which form a solid start to collecting this popular "country".  Available significantly discounted to new album prices. Click Albums for our price list. [18.6.17]  

GUERNSEY + ALDERNEY, JERSEY, ISLE OF MAN:   Many FDCs and some FU added to each country including scarcer items.  FDCs are in excellent/pristine condition. Click Guernsey for our Guernsey & Alderney price list.  Click Jersey for our Jersey price list. Click IOM for our Isle of Man price list.  [11.6.17]  

FIUME:   New listings for Hungarian and Italian occupations of Fiume post World War 1. Click Italy for our Italy price list.  Click Hungary for our Hungary price list. [3.6.17]  

ITALIAN OCCUPATIONS:   New listings for Italian occupations of the Balkans during World War 2. Click Italy for our price list. [29.5.17]  

CATALOGUES:   Additional used catalogues listed as a consequence of our acquiring new editions.  All of these have been used exclusively by us and are in very good condition.  Available at discounted prices, and significantly discounted to new catalogue prices. Click Albums for our price list. [29.5.17]  

EXCHANGE RATES:   The AUD has begun to weaken against the major currencies.  When rates are adjusted in our price lists, this will cause prices to rise for overseas countries, so if you are contemplating filling some gaps in your collection, there is no better time like the present. [22.5.17]  

VATICAN CITY:   Additions to our range of offerings particularly the 1934 surcharges [SG35-40] mint, WITH CERTIFICATE, and nearly complete Fine Used (including Mi Block 1) from 1929 to 2013.  Click Vatican City for our price list. [22.5.17]

EXCHANGE RATES:   Due to the persistent strength of the AUD against the major currencies, we are adjusting the FX rates used in our pricing.  This has now been completed.  For overseas countries, this will result in price reductions.  [12.3.17]

SWITZERLAND: PRO JUVENTUTE:   MUH Mint & Fine Used collection ranging from 1913 to 1965 added to stock, including many of the early "more difficult" issues.  Click Switzerland for our price list. [13.3.17]

INDIA:   MUH collection ranging from 2008 to 2014 added to stock, including many Miniature Sheets.  Unfortunately, there is only one of each item.  Click India for our price list. [13.1.17]

HONG KONG (BRITISH CROWN COLONY):   New MUH collection ranging from 1941 to 1997 added, including many scarce Miniature Sheets.  Click Hong Kong for our price list. [6.11.16]

HONG KONG (CHINA SPECIAL ADMINISTRATIVE REGION):   New MUH collection ranging from 1997 to 2010 added, including many scarce Miniature Sheets.  Click China for our price list. [2.11.16]

NEW ZEALAND & ROSS DEPENDENCY:   Our Price Lists have been completely revised to incorporate a mostly Fine Used collection ranging from 1920 to 2005 from a collector with a passion for used stamps only.  The NZ List now contains many scarce items including the 2d surcharge on 1.5d brown lake small numeral with Southern Cross QEII [SG763b] (illustrated in list), most Exhibition postally valid  items with Exhibition cancels (including LOTR II M/S) and many others, and some cinderellas.  The list also contains the Birds SPECIMEN stamps Fine Used and The "Best of" annual Mini Sheets Fine Used, all unusual in such condition and thus scarce.  We have only one copy of each.  Click New Zealand for our price list. [23.10.16]

CURACAO; NETHERLANDS ANTILLES:   Much new MUH & Mint stock added to 2005.  Click Netherlands Antilles for our price list. [27.9.16]

NETHERLANDS NEW GUINEA;  WEST NEW GUINEA [UNTEA]:   Much new MUH, Mint, Fine Used and Used stock comprehensively added.  This country is particularly difficult to source in both quality and quantity and is missing from most Netherlands-related collections.  Click Netherlands New Guinea for our price list. [27.9.16]

CHINA [PRC]:   New Fine Used stock ranging from 2001 to 2011 added.  Click China for our price list. [27.9.16]

BALKANS:   Yugoslavia successor and related states have now been combined into a single list.  Click Yugoslavia: Successor & Related States for our price list. [20.6.16]

GERMANY:   MUH odd values from 2002 to 2015 added from collector surpluses.  Only one of each available.  Click Germany for our price list. [28.5.16]

IRELAND:   Price List has been completely revised and expanded for many specialist items.  Much new stock has been added especially for the KGV & Seahorse overprints, and the three St Patrick high value issues.  Specialised papers & gums have been added for the later definitive series.  Click Ireland for our price list. [28.3.16]

NETHERLANDS INDIES:   New List for this country which, at present, contains an embryonic stock only, mainly Fine Used.  Click Netherlands Indies for our price list. [20.3.16]

PRICE LIST NUMBERING:   Due to the ever increasing number of Price Lists and our desire for alphabetic listing by region, we are abandoning Price List numbering in favour of simply list titles.  Due to the large number of lists (160+ now),  this may take some time as we do not regard it as a high priority.

Available lists and their locations can be found on our web page titled "Price List Schedule". Lists are grouped primarily by continent and, in the case of Europe, further subdivided by the traditional Stanley Gibbons [SG] country affiliations which, sadly, SG is now abandoning.  [7.2.16]

NETHERLANDS NEW GUINEA & WEST NEW GUINEA (Dutch Colony & UN Administration):   New List for these 2 countries which, at present, contains an embryonic stock only.  Click Netherlands New Guinea for our price list. [7.2.16]

SURINAM (Dutch Colony + Republic):   Further new stock added including many of the scarcer sets.  Click Surinam for our price list. [7.2.16]

CURACAO & NETHERLANDS ANTILLES (Dutch Colonies):   Price List further developed & further stock added.   Click Curacao for our price list. [7.2.16]

MALTA:   Much new Fine Used & Used stock added, covering 1885 - 1967, with a number of the earlier scarcer singles now available.  Click Malta for our price list. [23.1.16]

ITALY:   Much new Fine Used & Used stock added, covering 1945 - 1976, with many of the scarce sets of the 1940's and 1950's now available.  Click Italy for our price list. [23.1.16]

CURACAO & NETHERLANDS ANTILLES (Dutch Colonies):   New List for these Caribbean Islands with stock from 1873 to 2000.  Much of the early material for Curacao is Fine Used then later supplemented with Mint and Mint Unhinged.  Most of the Netherlands Antilles is MUH.  There are many thematics including birds, animals, Olympics, flight, Christmas etc.  Click Curacao for our price list. [23.1.16]

SURINAM (Dutch Colony + Republic):   List substantially expanded to 2002.  Much new stock added in the pre-1960's (MUH, M, FU) and 1990's to 2000's (MUH & FU).  There are many thematics including birds, animals, Olympics, flight, Christmas etc.  Click Surinam for our price list. [11.1.16]

GERMANY: EMPIRENew MUH stock added.  Click Empire for our price list.  [3.1.16]

GERMANY: WEIMAR REPUBLIC: New MUH stock added.  Click Weimar for our price list.  [3.1.16]

GERMANY: THIRD REICH: Much new MUH stock added.  Click Third Reich for our price list.  [3.1.16]

AFGHANISTAN:  We have established a new price list for this country and have a good range of stock from a collection spanning early to late 1990's in various conditions.  Click Afghanistan for our price list.  [31.10.15]

SOLOMON ISLANDS:  List has been completely revised and repriced with new MUH and Fine Used stock added.  Click Solomon for our price list.  [19.10.15]

USED STAMP CATALOGUESWe have purchased a number of latest editions of a range of catalogues leaving available our previous very well maintained copies.  These are now available at very reasonable prices.  Click Albums Albums for our price list.  [10.9.15]

BRAZILWe have established a new group of price lists for South America.  At present, it contains only two lists, viz Brazil & Surinam.  The remaining South American countries are located in our World (non-British Commonwealth) list.

The Brazil price list is new and offers a large amount of material in varying conditions (MUH .... Used) across a number of decades but mainly the 1960s to the 1990s.  Quality South American collections are difficult to source but we hope to expand our stock for other countries in the future.  Brazil  is the largest country in South America by both geographic size and by population.  It is the 8th largest country in the world by GDP, is passionate about football, and has hosted / is hosting a number of world major sporting events.  It is a country often overlooked by Australian stamp collectors because of the difficulty sourcing quality material.  Click Brazil for our price list.  [10.9.15]

SINGAPOREA FU collection, fairly complete, from 1960 to 2001 added to stock.  Stamps are from a FDC collection most of which were unfortunately toned.  All stamps are clean an with FDC cancels.  Click Singapore for our price list.  [29.8.15]

USED ALBUMS:  The following albums have been added to our Albums Price List.  Although second hand from collections we have purchased, all are in top quality condition and just waiting for your collection(s).  Albums recently added include:  Latvia (1918-2001), Latvia (1991-2006), Estonia (1991-2006); Lithuania (1991-2006); Lindner albums (the best) with blank strip mount pages.   Click Albums for our price list.  [12.6.15]

WEST BERLIN:  MUH collection with a high degree of completeness from 1956-1990 added to our Specials List 36.  Click Specials 36 for our price list.  [10.6.15]

WEST BERLINNew MUH stock added for the 1949-1955 period together with some coil strips of 5 and horizontal pairs from definitive series.  Click West Berlin for our price list.  [7.6.15]

ISRAEL:  Two MUH collections added to our stock.  The first extends our List to 2011 and offers stamps with and without tabs, and singles from Mini Sheets and sheetlets.  The second consists of plate blocks which, although not complete, offers good coverage of issues ranging from 1948 to 2011.  When available, plate blocks of 4 or 6 (depending on the sheet layout), are available without a premium at 4x and 6x the single stamp prices respectively, except for scarce early items and particular reprinted definitives with scarce issue dates.  Please send us your wants list for these items for our quotation. Click Israel for our price list.  [6.6.15]